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 Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Pet Nanny & More different from other boarding facilities?
The best way to describe our facility is that it's just like a child's daycare, only most of our kids have four legs.

We are a NO CAGE boarding facility for all kinds of pets. We provide cageless boarding, daycare and grooming. We also offer pet sitting in your home for those pets that won't do well in this environment, and pet transportation services to and from Pet Nanny, vet, airports, emergency clinics, etc.


Pet Nanny & More Inc. is family owned and operated since 1999, so you will always see the same familiar faces here.

Dogs must undergo a screening before admittance into the resort.

Can I come in at any time for the screening?
No, screenings are done by appointment only!!

What is a screening and how long does it take?
The screening will take about 15 - 20 minutes. It's a temperament evaluation to make sure that your dog is not aggressive. Your dog will meet our staff first and then one of our dogs. After we have determined that there is no aggression, your dog will be introduced to the rest of his new classmates so we can observe his behavior. If there is no aggression, your dog is welcome to come back. At the end of your dog's screening, one of our nannies will give the parents a tour of the facility

Why can't I come in any time I want?
Unfortunately it is a liability to have dogs loose while people are walking around the facility, so they must be confined for tours. It is unfair to the dog's to allow people to come in whenever they want. If we did that the dogs would have no structure or schedule in play time activities, birthday parties, field trips, snack and nap time, etc. These are the things that separate us from other facilities and strict scheduling makes it possible.

Is food provided with overnight boarding?
We can provide the food, but the fee is $3.00 per meal, per pet. We prefer pet owners to bring their own food. This helps avoid diarrhea caused by diet changes & saves you money too. Your dog has enough stress wondering where his/her family is, so its best to keep factors like diet consistent.

Are the vaccination records of pets reviewed prior to boarding?
Yes. At Pet Nanny & More we are committed to providing a disease free environment for you pets. All pets must have proof of up-to-date vaccinations and must be flea and tick free.

  Pet Nanny & More is a NO CAGE facility.
Main Telephone: 561-932-0428 | For Transportation: 561-667-1122 | For Grooming: 561-436-4978